Carmen Stevens
Director of Philanthropic Services

As part of the inclusive wealth management services that Falconer Group provides, Carmen engages individuals and families in comprehensive charitable planning. Via philanthropic visioning and the creation of customized gift plans, Carmen facilitates the match between one's financial resources and benevolent goals.

With resounding focus on financial leverage that effects social change, Carmen facilitates Next Generation programming for family foundations. Her work aids each generation by ensuring that young adult leaders are poised to assume the legacy of gifting set forth by their family, as well as navigate the nonprofit landscape at the local, national and global levels.

An expert in the creation of donor giving circles and women's philanthropy, Carmen has been instrumental in aiding in the creation of circles with varying purpose throughout the country. Within this realm, her objective is to inspire collaborative philanthropy which unites individual gifts for greater impact within a sector or need.

Additionally, with over ten years as a development officer and consultant in the non-profit arena, Carmen has an innate understanding of donor dynamics and the critical need for resources. With Falconer Group she assists non-profit organizations to view donor engagement strategically and aids them in developing efficient use of human resources and intellectual capital from within. She also provides complete assessment of campaigns for endowment planning.

A sought after speaker and facilitator, Carmen earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Michigan State University and holds a Master of Science in Administration from Central Michigan University. Entrepreneurial philanthropy and its ramifications on global markets currently inspire her.