Erik Falconer founded Falconer Asset Management in 1998.  After progressive growth, the firm was restructured as a multi-family wealth office in 2003 under the name of the Falconer Group.  The new moniker reflects the more focused expertise and range of unique servies that the firm has developed over the years as well as the greatest interests and passions of Erik and his wife.
Our Founders Creating Teams

At Falconer we work with families to unite their already trusted lawyers, accountants and counselors. When needed, we also have our own network of specialists in such areas as law, accounting, grant-making, family dynamics and business succession planning. We work with families to create optimal teams who can collaborate together on behalf of the families mission and values.
Erik Falconer
Chief Investment Manager
Leslie Falconer
Family Wealth Coach
Daylen Dye
Client Care Manager
Carmen Stevens
Director of Philanthropic Services