Investment Management Process

After developing and implementing a portfolio that reflects the unique needs of a client, we build upon this foundation by incorporating into our Private Member offering an investment management service. This comprehensive portfolio management service includes:

  • development and maintenance of an Investment Policy Statement for each unique portfolio (e.g.-trust accounts, foundation, etc.)
  • continuous monitoring of the recommended investments
  • research on other investments that we are considering
  • comparing of currently utilized investments with new options
  • monitoring of the economy and its implications for your portfolio and the investments within it
  • quarterly portfolio reports and reflections
  • quarterly economic reviews
  • access to our investment staff for any questions and concerns that you have
  • periodic reports on the specific portfolio investments
  • periodic rebalancing of portfolio to meet desired asset allocation
  • alerts of economic, investment industry, or specific investment changes, when necessary
  • advisement and implementation of tactical asset allocation changes when necessary
  • review and revision of investment policy on at least an annual basis
  • management of portfolio distributions
  • management for tax minimization when appropriate
  • annual tax reports regarding investment transactions
  • coordination with your tax professional of tax-related transactions
  • the rationale behind the inclusion of any investment that you own in your portfolio, if requested
  • ongoing assessment of new investment opportunities
  • socially-responsible investing, if desired
  • management of portfolio contributions
  • development, monitoring and execution of a stock-option strategy
  • incorporation of a large, undiversified investment position

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