To further your goals and values

We work with families of affluence to assist them in finding clarity, meaning, and peace of mind with their financial life. This is accomplished through a refreshingly unique planning experience where we spend substantial time getting to know you, your family, your vision, and purpose of your wealth. We have found that our clients experience the highest degree of fulfillment in their financial life when their spending, saving, investing, and giving reflects their deepest goals and values. Our commitment is to develop and present strategies and tools which help our clients effectively use their resources to create a lasting and meaningful family legacy.

To optimize your wealth

We optimize your wealth for generations to come by:

  • Utilizing a compensation structure (Fee-Only) that eliminates conflicts of interest and establishes Falconer as your advocate
  • Coordinating the efforts of your numerous professional advisors: We are a manager of managers
  • Developing written investment policy statements for each client and for each separate investing entity (ex. Foundation or trust)
  • Providing the greatest amount of return for the appropriate level of risk assumed
  • Maintaining awareness of investment expenses, related taxes, and the associated impact on investment returns
  • Continuing to integrate the latest technology and research methods for locating the most appropriate investments and tools

To educate and prepare your heirs

Through extensive research and experience we know that effective wealth transfer must balance appropriate estate planning techniques with heir education. It is critical to consider the financial as well as emotional impact wealth will have on your heirs and prepare them accordingly. Throughout your ongoing relationship with Falconer, we are committed to helping define the type of inheritance you wish to bestow, providing your heirs insightful resources and programs, and assisting with the preparation and implementation of your wealth transfer. We believe that through education, compassion, and trust, future generations will be better equipped to receive and continue your legacy.