www.bbbonline.org BBB Wise Giving Alliance includes a division that reports on the records of national charities and offers information on local charities through its network of Better Business Bureaus

www.cof.org The Council on Foundations provides overall advice and resources for prospective donors

www.mcif.org The Michigan Council on Foundation provides resources and programs for community and private foundations in Michigan

www.guidestar.org Guidestar is a service of Philanthropic Research Inc. It provides information on programs and finances of the over 600,000 501(c) 3 organizations registered with the IRS

www.ncfp.org National Center for Family Philanthropy is a national organization that focuses on matters of importance to families engaged in philanthropy and promotes effective giving. Resources, books, and materials available through this site.

www.philanthropy.iupui.edu Women's Philanthropy Institute brings together philanthropist and philanthropy professionals to educate and advance women as major donors and volunteer leaders for the nonprofit causes and institutions of their choosing.