Planned Giving

We believe a well thought-out approach to giving will benefit the giver as well as the receiver. At Falconer we guide you through a process of finding clarity in the difference you would like to make, and choosing a vehicle or vehicles that best suit you and your cause's needs. We have extensive expertise in effectively utilizing the many sophisticated planned giving strategies. We work side-by-side with your trusted estate planning attorney or can engage a specialist on your behalf. Our goal is to simplify the giving process and increase the positive impact your gift has on you, your family and your community.

We assist families in their planned giving by:

  • Offering family philanthropy retreats
  • Helping you determine the amount you can financially give
  • Minimizing or eliminating estate, income, capital gains and gift taxes
  • Administering your major gifts
  • Discussing with you what the most appropriate asset might be for giving to your favorite cause
  • Researching, advising and educating you on various planned giving vehicles
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